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Bank Consulting and Audit Services

With over 25 years' experience, we know banking.

Internal Control Audits

We evaluate the internal control systems and ongoing operations of the bank for compliance with the policies and procedures established by management. We also compare established bank policies and procedures with best industry practices and make suggestions as needed. Our review of internal controls includes analysis and testing of a sample of transactions and records during the audit period.  Areas of coverage include: Business Continuity Planning Capital Accounts

BSA Audits

Our review of the Bank Secrecy Act will cover those major topical areas described in the interagency examination procedures as they pertain to each individual bank specifically: Adequacy of policies and procedures Reporting of large currency transactions Exemptions of customers from large currency transaction reporting Monitoring of large currency transactions for unusual activity Recordkeeping requirements of monetary instrument sales

ACH Audits

ACH audits are performed to verify compliance with the NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines and to meet audit requirements as detailed in Appendix Eight of the most current NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines. This would include a review of: A sample of ACH transactions received by the bank A sample of ACH transactions originated by the bank (if applicable) ACH policies and procedures Record retention ACH forms and contracts


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Frances Ramsey, bank consultant, is the principal for FHH Consulting, LLC. Frances has over 25 years’ experience in banking. This includes six years spent with the OCC as a national bank examiner and ten years as the Director and Vice President of Internal Audit for a large community bank.